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Automatic Well Unloading System (AWUS)

An automatic compact well unloading system that detects, unloads and normalizes production without operator intervention and minimal venting

About the System

The AWUS is a compact system designed to perform automatic unloading of accumulated liquids within the wellbore due to depleting bottom well pressures or increase in water-cut.

AWUS is able to perform well unloading with minimal flaring/venting and without disrupting production. It is ideally suited for remote wellhead platforms that experience reduction or cessation of production due to accumulated liquids in the wellbore


Detects liquid loading at wells at onset

Online and Automated System (does not require shutdown and will initiate when well pressures are reducing)

Reduced or no production losses

Minimal or no flaring/venting

Compact Design

Light weight

Self-contained system

No pumps and power generation

Low system complexity and controls

No manning requirement


Onshore and offshore unmanned wellhead platforms

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