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About Us

Formed in 2009, NGLTech is an international technology development and engineering company incorporated in Malaysia providing engineering services and turnkey delivery for our proprietary technology technologies and process systems for the Oil & Gas and related industries.

Our Way of Work

NGLTech’s primary objective is to deliver quality and value to our Clients. To achieve this, we ensure a thorough understanding of our Client’s key drivers and success criteria is developed at the onset of every project. We place great value on working closely with our Clients and Stakeholders to develop the most effective engineering solutions and designs that will exceed our Client’s definition of project success. We always strive to deliver an innovative and cost effective solution whether for a new project or an improvement to an existing facility.

Our Major Milestones

SME Awards 2015 Winner

NGLTech deploys its first Sep-iSYS

MIDA awards Pioneer Status to NGLTech


First Condensate Recovery System for MaMPU1

NGLTech opens it's first regional office in  


MIDA extends pioneer status with NGLTech



NGLTech Sdn. Bhd. is incorporated


EPCC of Sep-iSYS Early Well Test for Anjung Kecil Kayu Manis Field

NGLTech collaborates with PETRONAS 

NGLTech Labuan is formed 

Sep-iSYS Package for PETRONAS Floating LNG2 (P FLNG2)

First Deployment of Sep-iSYS Low Pressure Production Unit (LPPU) for WLDP-B

Crude Stabilization Unit for MaMPU1


MIDA extends pioneer status with NGLTech

NGLTech Australia Pty Ltd is formed


EPC of Sep-iSYS Cyclonic Desander for Baronia Rejuvenation project

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