Sep-iSYS™ Sand Wash System

A High Performance Compact Multiphase Desander with consistently High Performance even under very low turndown rates

About the System

Once removed from the wellstreams of offshore facilities, produced solids are costly to manage due to high operational expenditures related to transportation and disposal.

The SEP-iSYS™ Sand Wash System (SWS) effectively removes residual hydrocarbons from produced sand to a specification that conforms to the strictest international regulations for environmentally safe disposal, allowing produced sand from wellstreams to be managed in a simple, safe and cost effective manner.

The system utilizes cyclonic forces to scrub off excess oil in the produced sand up to a specification that would allow disposal of sand overboard. The system is self-contained and only requires pressurised water as a medium to perform the washing process. Typically, the process operates continuously in a cyclic manner until the sand is clean enough for disposal

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Effectively washes hydrocarbons off the sand to a specification that allows for safe disposal to the environment (1% wt/wt oil-in-sand),

A compact system that can be easily transported and relocated

Heavy duty system that is able to operate continuously for 24 hours

Fully automated sand process wash and disposal, requiring minimal human intervention

Low water requirements through usage of optional biodegradable wash additives


Oily Sand washing and disposal for offshore platforms