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Sep-iSYS™ Low Pressure Production Unit (LPPU)

Rejuvenating Low Pressure and Idle WellsRejuvenating Low Pressure and Idle Wells

About the System

Among the main issues encountered with mature fields are decline in well flowing pressures which, in many cases, is inadequate to overcome backpressure imposed on the wells by the downstream system, resulting in reduced production or complete cessation of flow from the well.

The SEP-iSYS™ Low Pressure Production Unit (LPPU) operates at pressures close to atmospheric pressure, enabling wells to produce into the system at significantly reduced imposed backpressure. This novel system consist of two vessels, a low pressure separator to receive production fluids and a surge vessel that operates in batches to discharge the fluids at a higher pressure using high pressure motive gas.

The system is an automated system that allows the surge vessel to switch between receiving production fluids at low pressure and discharging liquids at higher pressure without requirement of operator intervention. The system is a compact, self-contained system with no rotating equipment allowing for easy installation and operation on unmanned well-head platforms.


Rejuvenate low pressure wells by boosting the fluid pressures from low pressure wells

Reduces backpressures on the well

Increases production and extends the lifespan of low pressure able

No manning requirement

Eliminates flaring/venting with a compact compression system

Compact, lightweight and cost effective making it suitable for unmanned remote wellhead platforms


Onshore and offshore unmanned wellhead platforms



Watch Now
WhatsApp Image 2017-10-31 at 8.20.08 PM

Sep-iSYS LPPU for West
Lutong Drilling Platform -
B, Miri, for PETRONAS
Carigali - SKA

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Sep-iSYS LPPU for Angsi
-A, Miri, for PETRONAS
Carigali - SKA

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Sep-iSYS LPPU for
ANDP-C, Angsi Platform,
Miri, for PETRONAS Carigali - SKA

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