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Latest Technology Developments

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Enhanced Low-Pressure Condensate Recovery System™
Enhanced Low-pressure Condensate Recovery System

Enhanced LP-CRS™ is a significant advancement in addressing the industry-wide challenge of flare gas emission reduction and monetisation. The system is designed to extract Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) from natural gas streams with inlet gas pressure as low as 3 barg and correspondingly reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by up to 30%.

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Algae Bloom

The Integrated AlgaeBloom™ is an innovative solution for continuous carbon capture and utilization. It consists of patented technologies designed to efficiently capture CO2 from flue gas and utilize it for high-growth algae production.

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 IsobaricGT™ HRS

 Isobaric GT MHRS

The IsobaricGT™ system is a groundbreaking response to these challenges, employing a patented isobaric and isothermal gas transfer mechanism. This innovative approach enables the efficient transfer of compressed hydrogen with unprecedented energy savings, operating on less than 3% of the energy required by conventional systems.

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Zero Compression LPPU™
Zero Compression LPPU

Coming Soon

Coming Soon
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