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Eliminating Emissions from Production Facilities

At NGLTech, we are spearheading the charge in the oil and gas industry by creating initiatives and innovative technologies that is focused on eliminating emissions from production facilities. With our cutting edge technology and our deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship, we are leading the change in the way operations are conducted.

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Eliminating Emissions from Production Facilities

Enhanced Low Pressure Condensate Recovery 

Enhanced LP-CRS™ is a system developed based on 8 years of operational experience and is an advanced solution for reducing flare gas emissions and extracting valuable resources. It offers enhanced performance, improved reliability, compact design, standardized units, and container-size footprint. It helps achieve sustainability goals and establish leadership in responsible energy production.


  • NGL Recovery - 20 to 100 bbl/MMscf

  • CO2 Emission - 15 to 40% reduction

  • Availability >97%

  • Methanol Consumption - 20 liters/MMscf

  • 50% Reduction in in Size & Weight

  • 4 Standard Capacities


Track Record

Anjung Kecil Field, Sarawak

Operation since 2016

Anjung Kecil Field Offshore Sarawak.jpeg

Galoc Facility, Philippines

Operation since 2019

Galoc Facillity.png

Tembikai Field, Peninsular Malaysia

Operation since 2018

Tembikai Field.PNG

Erb West Field, Sabah

Operation since 2020

ERB west sabah image.PNG
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