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Marginal / Stranded Field Development

NGLTech provides innovative solutions to tap into untapped potential of marginal/stranded field developments in challenging terrains. At NGLTech, we provide technological solutions to revitalizing fields that were once deemed economically viable and transforming them into profitable assets by maximising production while minimising operating costs.

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Marginal / Stranded Field Development

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Slug Handling & Separation Systems

Sep-iSYS™ Slug Handling & Separator System is a compact, high performance and multifunctional separator system developed for a range of applications. The system includes slug handling, sand removal, selective heating of the liquid phase (for emulsion breaking, stabilization, etc.), highly efficient and stable 3-phase (gas, oil, and water) separation at virtually no overall pressure drop and very high turndown.


  • Large slug volume handling

  • Minimal pressure drop

  • Sand removal (up to 100 micron and above)

  • 50% weight, space and cost savings over conventional separators

  • Ensure stable flow in downstream system

Track Record

Armada TGT1 FPSO, offshore Vietnam

Operation since 2011

Bumi Armada TGT-1.jpg

Armada Sterling, D1 Field, offshore India

Operation since 2012


Petronas FLNG Dua, Rotan Gas Field, offshore Sarawak (3 trains)

Fabrication completed in June 2016

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