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Maximizing Production from Mature Fields

In the pursuit of maximising production from mature fields, NGLTech has leveraged its years of experience in developing innovative technologies in rejuvenating mature fields while being able to extend their lifespan. This allows our partners to have a sustained output while being able to maximise their returns on their investment.

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Maximizing Production from Mature Fields

Low Pressure Production Unit

Sep-iSYS™ LPPU is a system that is tailored to boost the pressure of production fluids from low pressure wells or idle wells that have insufficient pressures to flow to the production manifolds. The system operates at atmospheric pressures essentially allowing the idle wells or low pressure wells to flow at minimal back pressures to the system whilst discharging the liquids at a higher pressure into the production header in batches.


  • Increase production flow and lifespan of wells

  • No rotating equipment required

  • Minimal backpressure (~atmospheric) on wells and able to discharge liquid at high pressure

  • Simple system with low complexity and controls

  • High availability of more than 97% uptime

Track Record

West Lutong Bravo (WLDP-B), Sarawak

Operation since 2016


ANGSI A (ANDR-A) on Angsi Field, Peninsular Malaysia

Operation since 2015


ANGSI C (ANDP-C) on Angsi Field, Peninsular Malaysia

Operation since 2015

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