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CCUS from Fossil Fuel Consumers

At NGLTech, we are at the forefront of championing Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage(CCUS) among consumers of fossil fuels. At NGLTech, we recognise the rising concerns of carbon emissions that needs addressing, and our innovative solutions not only enpowers industries to reduce their environmental impact but actively transform it into a solution.

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CCUS from Fossil Fuel Consumers

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Flue Gas Conditioning System

TurboChill™ is a specifically tailored for extraction of CO2 along with SOx and NOx from flue gas stream that would otherwise be vented. The technology reduces the greenhouse gas (CO2) emission by ~10% to 30%.


  • Robust system with high availability

  • High efficient of CO2 removal

  • Enable simultaneous removal of SOx and NOx

  • Process Integration and Heat Recovery

  • Reduction of ammonia slip in flue gas stream

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