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Sustainable Energy and Carbon Management

At NGLTech, we pioneer sustainable energy solutions, extracting pollutants, capturing carbon, and facilitating clean energy transfer. With a focus on environmental stewardship and innovation, we shape a greener future for industries worldwide. Join us to revolutionize energy management and create a sustainable world.

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Sustainable Energy and Carbon Management

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Flue Gas Conditioning System

TurboChill™ is a specifically tailored for extraction of CO2 along with SOx and NOx from flue gas stream that would otherwise be vented. The technology reduces the greenhouse gas (CO2) emission by ~10% to 30%.


  • Robust system with high availability

  • High efficient of CO2 removal

  • Enable simultaneous removal of SOx and NOx

  • Process Integration and Heat Recovery

  • Reduction of ammonia slip in flue gas stream

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