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Sep-iSYS™ Cyclonic Sand Removal System

A High Performance Compact Multiphase Desander with consistently High Performance even under very low turndown rates

About the System

There is a growing demand for desander systems that can maintain its high efficiency during highly transient multiphase flow conditions and seamlessly manage process turndowns. The SEP-iSYS™ Cyclonic Sand Removal System (CSRS) offers these features in a very compact, lightweight and cost effective package.

The SEP-iSYS™ CSRS is a compact sand removal system that combines a flow stabiliser system with a cyclonic desander to desensitize it from upstream transient and multiphase conditions. This is crucial as cyclonic desanders are constant condition devices that typically do not operate efficiently under these transient flow conditions.

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Consistently high sand removal efficiency irrespective of flowing conditions and flow regime

High liquid turndown capacity and automatic

adjustment to turndown conditions.

Low pressure drop requirements (< 1 bar)

Small system footprint

Dampens flow surges and slug flow, providing stable flow conditions at system outlet

Can be retrofitted into existing cyclonic sand removal systems.


Wellhead Desanding

Bulk Multiphase Desanding