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Dewatering Production Unit

Among the main issues encountered with mature fields is the increase in water production which in many cases is not able to be handled by the production system and the flowlines resulting to significant increase in backpressure imposed on the wells.

Rejuvenating Low Pressure and Idle Wells

About the System

The SEP-iSYS™ Dewatering Production Unit (DPU) is a compact system designed to perform efficient oil water separation in order to be able to send only the crude oil to the processing facility, thus significantly reduced imposed backpressure caused by undersized flow-lines and processing system. This novel system consist of two vessels and a hydro-cyclone with the surge vessel upstream of the hydro- cyclone operating in batches, thus ensuring very stable flow to the hydro-cyclone.

This fully automated system is a compact, self-contained system with no external requirement and no rotating equipment allowing for easy installation and operation on unmanned well-head platforms. The system can also operate as a low pressure production unit when the well pressures decline as it can operate down to as low as atmospheric pressures


Perform oil-water separation on well head platform to reduce the flow into the production header and the processing system, thus reduces backpressures on the well

Allows optimum performance of hydro-cyclone by providing stable and fixed flow

Reduces the controls and instrumentation associated to the hydro-cyclone

Increases production and extends the lifespan of wells

No manning requirement

Compact, lightweight and cost effective making it suitable for unmanned remote wellhead platforms


Onshore and offshore unmanned wellhead platforms

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-31 at 8.20.08 PM

Sep-iSYS LPPU for West
Lutong Drilling Platform -
B, Miri, for PETRONAS
Carigali - SKA

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-01 at 6.14.14 PM.

Sep-iSYS LPPU for Angsi
-A, Miri, for PETRONAS
Carigali - SKA

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Sep-iSYS LPPU for
ANDP-C, Angsi Platform,
Miri, for PETRONAS Carigali - SKA

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