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Floating Energy Storage (FES)

About the System

NGL’s proprietary offshore energy storage system is the latest product that will soon be in the market. The system stores electrical energy in the form of flow battery electrolytes in a modified floating tankers. The flow batteries are unique in that unlike other forms of battery, energy storage is separate from batteries which dictates the power output. Floating Energy Storage (FES), the world’s first flow batteries on floating tanker offers huge application potential due to its mobility and large energy storage capacity.


Available to provide electrical energy storage capacity of up to 15 GWh and up to 500 MW power capacity

Integrate variable renewable energy generation systems for onshore and offshore application.

Improves transmission system performance

Replaces peaking power generation

Rapid and flexible deployment capability


Energy storage for renewables such as solar and wind farm


Energy storage for onshore grid from onshore power plant generator

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