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Gas to Electro-Chemical Technology (GTE)

About the System

NGL’s proprietary offshore energy storage system is the latest product that will soon be in the market. The GTE system is a large scale electrical energy storage system where flare gas is used to generate power offshore, convert and store the electrical energy as electrochemical energy in the form of electrolytes via redox flow batteries and subsequently deliver to remote electrical power consumers, including the grid. This potentially ‘game changing’ technology, when implemented, will place Malaysia on the world map for being in the forefront of green technology with the largest energy storage system in the world.

The GTE system can deliver power within a distance of up to 300 km from the floating power generation unit using a shuttle tanker carrying the electrolytes and flow batteries.

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Meeting the zero-flaring policy and reduces overall net greenhouse gas emissions.

Safe, environmental friendly technology and low complexity system.

Mobile and relocatable.

Scalable due to the flow battery modular design.

Separation of energy storage capacity and power rating.

Flexibility of the system of meeting varying feed gas composition and flowrate.

Techno-economical viability for stakeholders which indicates a positive outlook for all stakeholders.


Flare gas recovery -  The GTE system employs the associated gas to generate electricity hence eliminate the need of flaring.

Stranded gas monetization - The GTE system provides an economical solution that enables these reserves to be exploited.

End-of-field life - The GTE system can also extend the field life of the facility by extending the economic life of the field and thus maximizing ultimate recovery of reserves.

Early production and well testing - The GTE system allows for early monetization of gas reserves as part of an early production system, prior to phasing-in the full development facilities. 

Platform abandonment - The GTE system can be customized to harness wind energy by retrofitting abandoned platforms with wind turbines.

Large scale grid energy storage - The GTE system has the flexibility to deliver power to either the grid or offshore platform.

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