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Sep-iSYS™ Crude Stabilization Unit (CSU)

Multi-functional and Compact

About the System

The development of marginal fields is creating a demand for compact and cost effective separation modules that is able to perform 3-phase separation of oil, gas and water.

The SEP-iSYS™ CSU is a processing unit that provides stable 3-phase separation through effective slug and sand handling, stable inlet heating of the liquids, produced water treatment and integrated flare system. The system minimizes controls and instrumentation and operates without any rotating equipment, thus ensuring very high reliability and availability with no manning requirement


Capable of handling large slug volumes and sand with minimal pressure drop

Stable and efficient three phase separation

Reduces the size of the slug handling component as liquid hold-up and degassing is undertaken in the downstream separator

Smaller separators and scrubbers

Stable inlet heating with reduced heating duty

Produced water treatment

Compact and light weight

Cost effective


Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSOs)

Mobile Offloading Production Unit (MOPUs)

CSU on MaMPU1 Vessel.png

EPCC of Sep-iSYS CSU for
Topside Facilities for
MaMPU 1 for MISC Berhad

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-01 at 2.14.14 PM_

EPCC of Sep-iSYS CSU for
Ophir Field RSC Development for MTC Engineering

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