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Sep-iSYS™ Separator

There is a growing demand for a cost effective separation system especially for marginal field development and debottlenecking activities. The Sep-iSYS™ Separator is a state-of-the art, compact, high performance and multifunctional separator system developed for a range of applications and is jointly owned with PETRONAS.

About the System

The Sep-iSYS™ in its totality is a system that includes slug handling, sand removal, highly efficient and stable 3 phase (gas, oil and water) separation at virtually no pressure drop and very high turndown. One of the main features of the system is that the integral slug handling device also functions as a flow stabilizer with pre-separation of gas and liquid, thus allowing for efficient liquid heating and oil water separation, making it very suitable to function as an Inlet Separator, particularly for deep water developments. In addition, it is a self-regulating system with minimal instrumentation and controls, thus allowing for very high reliability and availability.

The system is suitable for both onshore and offshore applications where space is limited and is particularly suitable for waxy and fouling fluid services. The separator configuration enables the internals of the gas section scrubber to function efficiently without the risk of blockage due to the build-up of wax on the internal of the separator

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Track Record

Provision of Engineering & Procurement of Sep-iSYS package for PETRONAS FLNG2


Capable of handling large slug volume and sand with minimal pressure drop. Sep-iSYSTM technology reduces the size of the slug catcher as liquid hold-up and degassing is undertaken in the downstream 3 phase separator.

Smaller 3 phase separator as it need not make space for gas outlet internals thus reducing gas handling capacity. Also, reduction in scrubber’s size as it need not have to cater for any liquid hold-up and surge volume.

Expanded pipe handles virtually any slug volume thus ensuring stable flow into the heater and separator thus promoting better separation performance.

Able to remove sand particle with sizes of 100 micron and above with stilling well. If higher sand removal efficiency is required, a cyclonic sand removal is available as option for the system.

A compact and self-regulating system with minimized control and instrumentation.

Up to 50% weight, space and cost savings over conventional separators.

Particularly beneficial for debottlenecking activities (Brown Field Modification) where a bigger capacity of a 3 phase separator is required when the gas flow increases or when the operating pressure reduces.

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